Management Solutions

Management solutions

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RésoPDG is offering his expertise to CEO/PDG with two complementary approaches:

  • Brokerage of Management solutions identified to the best Management practices and ideally offered online on web technology platforms.
  • Interim Executive management services that could offer validated execution of activities or programs of organizational excellence.

RésoPDG services will contribute to the execution of CEO/PDG strategic plans in the following three domains:

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture: PDGPlan
  • Management and Organizational design: PDGMan
  • Direction and Organizational Leadership: PDGLead

Strategic Planning : PDGPlan

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To validate and shape the strategic plan and a winning corporate identity. the services offered are the following:

  • Support the development and validation of the Strategic plan
  • Implement an Audit and an Organizational Diagnosis
  • Make a Sound Management diagnosis 
  • Make an Organizational Culture assesment
  • Evaluate the company succession planning to secure its perenniality

Business and Management activities: PDGMan

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To validate and shape the organizational design and the use of ways and working processes that will contribute to the execution of the strategic plans and the Organizational Performance measurable according to world standards (Malcom Baldridge), the services offered are the following:

  • Develop an organizational structure in line with the execution of the Strategic Plan
  • Validate the ways and work processes that will ease the Management Leadership
  • Validate the Work Management System 

Organizational Leadership : PDGLead

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To validate and shape the Organizational Leadership and the Talent Management that will allows the organization to rely on the expertise and performance of the best Human resources available on the market as measured by satisfaction and retention indicators, the services offered are the following:

  • Evaluate the Human Capital poll of Talents to sustain Innovation and productivity needed for the strategic plan execution.
  • Validate the Human Capital Strategic Management model.
  • Facilitate the leadership development of the CEO by the Management of an Advisory committee made of CEO peers.
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