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RésoPDG - Broker of Management Solutions and Management consulting

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RésoPDG is a Management and Services consulting firm looking to improve the organizational overall performance by offering to the CEO/PDG and his management team Management Solutions associated with the best business practices. The goal pursued is innovation and organizational excellence in the execution of the strategic plans.

Since several decades, numerous authors and Business and Management schools have contributed to define and enrich Management and Business Administration sciences and organizational leadership. This knowledge has allowed the development of tools and Management approaches that have proven themselves. Based on their success in the execution of organizational strategic plans both in the manufacturing and services sectors, RésoPDG has selected Management Solutions which will achieve expected results

Presentation of the Firm

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RésoPDG is backed up by a network of partners which will contribute to the execution of the organization business mission with CEO/PDG and their management team.

It is based on the identification and offering of world best management practices in:

  • Planning (based on objectives and expected results, planning activities are targeting to establish the roadmap to follow and the solutions to choose).
  • Leadership (in order to execute the strategic plan, leadership has to prevail in management activities to secure employees engagement and satisfaction that would enable to satisfy customers).
  • Management of organizational performance (efficiency of management activities must complete organizational excellence in leadership. One doesn't go without the other to optimize the organizational performance).

Vision Mission Values

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The role of the elements at the basis of RésoPDG existence is there to translate the goals of the enterprise in concrete elements to frame his decisions.

  • The Vision : become the reference of CEO in the Management of the most performing organizations
  • The Mission : Offer the brokerage of high performing Management solutions and counseling and services for the execution of strategic plans


  • Transparence and Professional integrity
  • Durability and Perenniality of the organization
  • Excellence and Professionalism
  • Quality first

RésoPDG Business Model

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Based on decades of experience as Business Executive or Management consultant worldwide. RésoPDG is basing his interventions on an organizational performance Management model making a link between four action poles.

The model is aiming to enable CEO/PDG to answer their primary concern according to international studies: execution of their strategic plans.

This model is linking our 4 action poles:

  1. Strategy/Structure
  2. Business processes
  3. Reward and Recognition systems
  4. Talent Management

Our 3 expertise Domains:

  1. PLANning
  2. MANagement
  3. LEADership

The expertise offered

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01Diversified experience in Execution and Management consulting

02Analysis of optimal strategies for Organizational Performance

03Alignment between the Strategy, the Operational Leadership and the Culture

The benefits

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01Access to proven solutions and experienced and certified resources in Human Resources Management (HRM/CHRP)

02 An analysis and Management problem solutions methodology recognized by a worldwide certification : Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

03 Integrated viewpoint on Management Solutions from Strategy to Execution

04 Flexibility and adaptation to the cultural environment

05A roadmap for success based on a worldwide vision of expertise and excellence

Preferred sectors

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Based on market needs identified for their high value added, RésoPDG is targeting the success of enterprises in three business sectors and will transfer his expertise to other organizations that would like to benefit of the best practices of these sectors:

  • Information Technology and Communications (ICT)
  • Aerospace
  • Life sciences

These business sectors are very active in the immediate environment of the head office of RésoPDG in Montreal and include organizations with proven worldwide excellence.

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